What Are the Options For Getting a Business Mailing Address?


If you have been looking around on how to register your small business, you probably already know using your traditional residential mailboxes is a bad idea. If you don’t already know this, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t use your home mailing address for business purposes;

  • You need to have your company name on your premises by law
  • You may be liable to pay business rates to the local council
  • Your home insurance premiums may go up
  • Your home address will be publicly listed so your clients know where you live
  • Your private and business mail get mixed up

So begs the question, what are your other options to get a business mailing address.

Rent a Business Office

You can look around and rent a business office. The upside of this is you get your own personal space to work in and a physical location where clients can visit you. The main issue with an office space for a small business is the overheads. You of course have to pay rent and furnish the office which may not be absolutely necessary if you are just starting out in business.

Rent Space from an Existing Business

This is a cheaper option than the first and also means you get a dedicated space for your business separate from home. Some businesses have extra space or an extra desk that they are happy to rent out for a nominal fee. If you don’t mind sharing an office space with strangers, this is a good way to get a mailing address and physical location for your business.

 Get a Traditional PO Box

You can get a traditional post office box address for a negligible yearly fee. This is the cheapest option discussed here so far, and allows you to send and receive mail and packages from a separate address than your home. The disadvantage here is a traditional PO Box doesn’t come with a street address. This can bring up credibility issues with clients who are not comfortable sending money or packages to an unknown physical address.

Rent a Private Mailbox

Lastly, the most feasible and advantageous option for a business address is to take a private mailbox rental. This is more or less the same as a traditional PO Box except that you get a physical street address. This address is also used for registering your business. The best part is you can still run your small business from home or without a dedicated office space.

Although there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat, personal mailboxes services are ultimately the best way to get a mailing address for your business.


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