Publish Your Self Book with OnlineGatha


OnlineGatha, a self book publishing platform for creators and the begin its kind in India, has been launched by three encouraged professionals.

OnlineGatha allows authors to create, format, design, and release their books free of charge.

Self book publishing of catalogs has, as yet, been a hard and sophisticated process for writers in India.

With OnlineGatha, creators can choose to create their book free of charges or use their professional services to enrich the grade of their publication. They hold on to all the protection under the law with their content. Whether it’s a written e book, anything or movie else, everything is held by the writer.

The catalogs and e-books are posted and sold on various programs like the OnlineGatha Bookstore,, Bookadda, etc. The creators earn 70 % of the benefit from the sale of the catalogs. Online sales information is made on the OnlineGatha website for each and every author for his or her book.

Also, by getting started with the OnlineGatha creator community, writers can discuss suggestions to promote and market literature with other posted creators and OnlineGatha grouped community professionals.

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