Positive Guided Meditation – Benefits For Body And Mind


Meditation has been used, for many centuries, for stress reduction, which in turn, facilitates health improvement.

There’s a wide range of techniques, from Sufi Meditation, Christian Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana Meditation to Buddhist Meditation.

And with the passage of time we have seen some techniques remain exactly the same, upholding sacred ancient traditions, and some evolving, dropping away the unnecessary ‘rules’, becoming more direct, focused and appealing to the freer spirits among us.

We are now fortunate live in a world where we don’t have to visit a professional or join any religious group in order to learn and benefit from these highly advantageous techniques for stress reduction; because today we can easily access them online or by downloading the Thought Waves Pro – positive guided relaxation app.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a balanced state of mind, where an individual is aware and connected; yet calm and relaxed, detached from inappropriate or unhelpful external influences.

Mastery of meditation or positive relaxation techniques allows a person to exist in a lighter state, where brainwave patterns (measurable on EEG) are slowed, while the senses remain intact, the body functioning in the most efficient way, muscles relaxing where possible, the heart rate calm, breathing, deep and steady.

Being in this state allows mind and body to release mood-enhancing endorphins, in addition to down regulating the fight and flight response, which released stress hormones into our systems. And this is how a regular meditation or relaxation practice results in effective stress reduction.


Why Positive, and Why Guided?


Wouldn’t you prefer to know you’re taking the correct and most direct route to health benefits?

Because, if one was to meditate on regular thought patterns, desired positive changes are often delayed, with research telling us, that these days, were thinking unhelpful, negative thoughts more than 50% of the time.


Benefits of Meditation

  • Stress Reduction – It’s stressful thoughts, which create our perceptions of stress. These thoughts trigger stress responses, which, in turn, releases damaging stress hormones into the circulation.
  • When an individual practices positive guided meditation it allows the mind to relax, creating a safe space that is stress and anxiety free, where any harmful thoughts can easily be released, effectively allowing someone to dial down stress, both consciously and subconsciously.


  • Relaxation – , If we’re stressed, our own stress hormones inhibit repair and immune systems. Medical meditation is used to help the body’s nervous systems to relax, reducing internal, often silent, stress hormone output.


  • And once stress hormones are gone, our own powerful healing abilities, which were previously suppressed, can get on with their amazing work. Positive relaxation calms the entire system, allowing for perfect balance, so the body’s organs and healing systems can start to work towards regaining harmony once more.


  • Focus – Focus is like a muscle, and can be trained in to each and every one of us. Recent clinical studies suggest that meditation helps many individuals to strengthen their focus, keeping distractions, anxiety and stress at bay, resulting in a sharper mind.
  • Isolation – Triggers stress hormone release and is the huge threat to optimal health these days. Meditation and positive relaxation reduces feeling of isolation, also breaking down many invisible chains, including depression, which hold an individual in a state of isolation. It allows people to feel more connected, and helps them notice their value within society.
  • Belief – No matter what your belief system you can gain benefit from positive meditation. In addition, belief in the relaxation techniques, actually improves their effectiveness by further improving relax hormone release.



There are countless benefits of positive guided meditation and relaxation, which can allow us to live well balanced and complete lives, helping us to overcome challenges as varied as: insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain, fear, burnout, blocks in creativity, disease, skin problems, high blood pressure, bullying, poor concentration, reduced energy and fatigue, shyness, procrastination and low self esteem.


Don’t take my word for it!


Check it out for your self, download your free positive guided relaxation app today, Thought Waves Pro, and begin to imagine, in how many ways, you can adjust your life, for the better!


By Dr. Leanne Lawrence


P.O Box 215

0140 Whangarei, Northland

New Zealand




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