Can Meditation Help To Reduce Blood Pressure?


Only a bleak 10 percent of high blood pressure cases can be attributed to a single cause. For most people therefore, it is impossible to know what caused the condition in the first place. What is known, however, is that high blood pressure is a lead cause for numerous serious conditions including kidney failure, aneurisms, heart attack and strokes.

For people looking to reduce blood pressure naturally, guided meditation might just be the silver bullet that they need to manage the condition.

How Meditation Works to Reduce Blood Pressure

Meditation helps to reduce stress levels and relax the entire body. This relaxation has far reaching effects as it helps to stabilize and reset various body systems including blood pressure regulation.

The average person’s nervous system is off balance and hyperactive mainly due to external pressures such as work and family obligations. A hyperactive nervous system is ineffective in naturally fighting disease and manifests itself in high blood pressure and other such conditions. The act of resting the mind through meditation helps to bring better balance to the nervous system, allowing it to fulfil its natural function.

Blood pressure medication is one way to manage the condition. The medication is however expensive and comes with many potential side effects. Guided meditation anxiety management is a far safer, cheaper and more natural way of bringing the nervous system back to its natural, calmer level.

Proof That Guided Meditation Works for Blood Pressure

It is perfectly natural to be skeptical about meditation and there is scientific evidence to put most concerns to rest. There are plenty of studies conducted regarding mediation and its benefits. One notable study was conducted over the course of two years by researchers at the Kent State University. The study followed 56 participants dealing with varying levels of blood pressure as they practiced guided meditation.

The results showed that each of the participants was able to significantly reduce blood pressure and did not have to rely on medication or pharmaceuticals to manage the condition. The results are not surprising for most Eastern healers and mystics as they have long known the power of meditation with regards to health and well being.


If you are wondering how to reduce blood pressure fast without using medication or pharmaceuticals, you may benefit from guided meditation. Meditation does not require any previous skills or experience and its benefits are available to anyone who practices meditation consistently and with an open mind.

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